Spring Cleaning

You hear it all the time, I need to start my “spring cleaning”. Spring cleaning refers to the mass exudes of dirt and grime that has built up throughout the year since the last spring cleaning. To me this seems a bit odd. Why only deep clean once a year? That really isn’t sanitary.

I know people probably regularly clean their house and just save the deep clean for their spring cleaning, but I highly suggest rethinking how often you deep clean. Really in my opinion you should at least deep clean your house quarterly, at least twice a year.

Now there are certain things like getting your carpet cleaned, that would be ok for once a year but in reality the best would be twice. Do you realize how disgusting your carpet can get? Or even your hard wood floor definitely needs to be steam cleaned. People walk with their bare feet, dirty shoes, and even dirty socks on your floors. Honestly, when you think about it, our floors are quite disgusting.

Take my advice. Find a local carpet cleaner, if you need a recommendation check out C3 Carpet Cleaning, and build a relationship with them. When you use a company over and over again you know exactly what to expect and they know your preferences.

Spring cleaning should not be put off! Keep your home kept up and you won’t have to worry what you are walking on in your own home…

What is the science behind making money

My last post was about MLMs and why most people don’t make anything at.  Yeah thats right most turn into at best a tax write off rather than tons of profit.

But that begs the question about what really does make money for the normal American Middle class that wants to better themselves and they financial state.

I recently read a book by Grant Cardone called the !0x rule.  While most of us are not ever going to make that kind of cash I think he pointed the biggest flaw in the middle class and the reason we stay middle class.  The hole premise for he book is massive action in any thing you do.

Massive Action= Massive Results.

I thing that we have to have a product or Service that  the market needs and the take 10 times the action that anybody else in the market is doing. People have become lazy and entitled and then they wonder why they are living paycheck to paycheck.  I mean really do want success handed to you on a sliver platter???

The key to making money is taking massive imperfect action.  Take the blog on limos i wrote earlier.  If you want to start a limo company,  Go buy a limo, take massive action, and make money. . I think that the thing people fail to realize in most industries is the hard work and massive action.  I am confident that if take 10 times the action in any given industry than you will come out on top .

So to summarize…. You can be a sheep and settle for mediocrity or you can take massive action in whatever you choose to and dominate the market.

Unicorns, MLM, and the Science behind it

So I want to talk a little about MLM and the the people who make a killing at it.  So who hasn’t been hit up by some with Empower Network, Advocare, or Young Living ect…

There is probably not anyone I know that has not been involved in some kind of MLM product.   So  who actually makes the money on the kind of things?  I know it hasn’t been me.

I know that begin large these types of things are typically marketed as “Get Rich Quick” type things.  It has been my experience that these are a unicorns.  Yeah thats right Unicorns…. they don’t exist.

Profitable endeavors come from hard work and ingenuity.  Buying large MLMs make very little money for 92% of the people  doing.  There are a few that bank but they have to work at it. That they have to be badasses at internet marketing.  Something that I am not so hot at… lol

SO who makes the money.  Well needless to say if you can sooner a college bowl game (Advocare),  I suppose that it speaks for itself.  I am confident that the companies make killer bank on there schemes because it appeals to the nature of the middle class to improve there life.

So do these companies really make any money off the products or are the products just a front for new membership fees.  I would say that have to make some or they wouldn’t sustain. But, it not realistic to think that the membership fees and clint acquisition are not major profit maximizers.

So if you are looking to make an extra buck or find that unicorn I would stray away form most MLMs as they are likely going to take more than they give.  Thats not even to mention the ethics associated with most.  But I could write a whole blog site on that and that would be outside the scope of the intent of this blog post.

Carpet cleaning technology

We have this stain in our carpet that drives me crazy. It has been there since we moved in and bought the house.  I have tried everything and can’t get it out.  Have tried Hot Spot, Resolve, and even steam cleaning with a little weekend warrior steam cleaner.

Absolutely nothing works… That sucker is still hanging out right in the hallway where everybody sees it.  Drives me crazy and we didn’t even make the mess.   I guess that is what makes it even worse…… there is absolutely no telling what that stain was or is..   Pretty gross huh?

I finally broke down and called a carpet cleaning company.  I have this thing about not paying anybody to do anything that I can do myself.  It drives me crazy what people charge when I can do the same thing with my own two hands.

But i finally did it.  That stain broke me… lol

We have a local carpet cleaning company that came highly recommended form a few friends.  They came out and started to work.  In a bout a half hour we had no stain left.

You will never believe what they told me there secret was……

Simple Green and Acetone.  That is what took it out.   While I am not condone people mixing chemicals and or using this on your own carpets it works don mine.  That carpet lookalike whatever that horrid stuff was was never there.

I guess that goes to show you that my two hands may not can do everything as well.  I suppose there is a time to break down and call some one.  I think I missed the on ramp on this one.  Hey we may have taken the scenic route but we eventually got there.

Farewell for today.  I am going to go walk on my freshly cleaned carpets

Renewable energy and the oil market crash

So I have a brother and a husband that work in the renewable energy field.  So naturally Gi get a lot go the dialogue and son with the industry specifically the wind industry.

There is so much uncertainty with the entire energy sector right now it is scary.  The oilfield is tanking and and that will naturally have an indirect effect not the renewable sector because it will affect the electric price.

The federal production tax credit determines so much on what happens with the wind industry. They have pretty much stopped growing because of the legislative uncertainty.  We are just hoping and rang that someone in Washington will have the foresight to plan more than a year in advance this time.  The industry can make and there are defiantly enough margins to make a go of it.  But, the manufactures have to drop the cost of the technology and Om costs.  The turbines have gotten cheaper and more efficient based on what i can tell but we are just not quite there yet.

So good luck for any of you that have work directly and indirectly in the market,,,, it gonna be a rough ride until we get little certainty.  I hope you enjoyed this post…. i thought it was an interesting thought jogger about our current situation and how far reaching the downfall of the oil crash might go.

The lucrative world of the limousine industry

Hey Hey,

My husband and I went out with a  bunch of friends for a night on the town and rented a limo to haul us  around.  I was glad they were’t driving because you never know what they are going to get into until I saw the bill for the night. .  Over 125/hour plus a 20% tip!!  I think i need a new job.  That is insane…. I suppose it is cheaper than bailing him out of jail though.

No really.  If I could make $125 an hour blogging I would be jumping for joy.  I don’t come anywhere near that.

I mean what is the overhead.  I know that they probably have thousands invested in the vehicles and luxury sedans.  But, if you are making over $500 a gig, you could pay that back pretty darn quick.  What, you have a little fuel and you are probably paying a driver 25 dollars andhour to wear a white glove and open doors?

While the service was awesome and will give total props to the limo service we used, it may be an industry that you should consider getting into.  It seems that person could make it pretty well if you had a couple of those limos running around town picking up rich clients.

Even the luxury Sedans could make a killing on airport transfers and so on.  Advertise for anniversaries and plan those folks an awesome night and make 5 or 6 hundred. Yeah, I think I could do that.

If a person was an entrepreneur  and wanted top get in a an industry that appears to be very viable as lucrative source of income,  I would have to consider the luxury transporatation industry.  This has sparked a few more thoughts that have my mind going as well int terms of industries that could investments for a person.

Check this out …..some of the customized limos are incredibly nice.  I think i could roll up in on  of those.

Stretch limousine interior

Here is what you need to do.  Go buy yourself limo,  customize and brand it little differently  than anything else in your market ,and go make a killing.  You might have to deal with a drunk ass or two on  a bachelor party but that is why they are paying a thousands of dollars for an evening.

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More to come next time….Laters