The lucrative world of the limousine industry

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My husband and I went out with a  bunch of friends for a night on the town and rented a limo to haul us  around.  I was glad they were’t driving because you never know what they are going to get into until I saw the bill for the night. .  Over 125/hour plus a 20% tip!!  I think i need a new job.  That is insane…. I suppose it is cheaper than bailing him out of jail though.

No really.  If I could make $125 an hour blogging I would be jumping for joy.  I don’t come anywhere near that.

I mean what is the overhead.  I know that they probably have thousands invested in the vehicles and luxury sedans.  But, if you are making over $500 a gig, you could pay that back pretty darn quick.  What, you have a little fuel and you are probably paying a driver 25 dollars andhour to wear a white glove and open doors?

While the service was awesome and will give total props to the limo service we used, it may be an industry that you should consider getting into.  It seems that person could make it pretty well if you had a couple of those limos running around town picking up rich clients.

Even the luxury Sedans could make a killing on airport transfers and so on.  Advertise for anniversaries and plan those folks an awesome night and make 5 or 6 hundred. Yeah, I think I could do that.

If a person was an entrepreneur  and wanted top get in a an industry that appears to be very viable as lucrative source of income,  I would have to consider the luxury transporatation industry.  This has sparked a few more thoughts that have my mind going as well int terms of industries that could investments for a person.

Check this out …..some of the customized limos are incredibly nice.  I think i could roll up in on  of those.

Stretch limousine interior

Here is what you need to do.  Go buy yourself limo,  customize and brand it little differently  than anything else in your market ,and go make a killing.  You might have to deal with a drunk ass or two on  a bachelor party but that is why they are paying a thousands of dollars for an evening.

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